Hot Section Component Repair

Gas Turbine Resources possess significant experience with heat treatment rejuvenation processes applied to gas turbine hot-section repair and recovery. With thousands of successful component repairs completed and returned to reliable service for future design life cycles, this proven technology is utilised in place of expensive direct component replacement and embedding new parts.

When effectively and accurately rejuvenated through tightly controlled heat treatment process returns the molecular structure of the hot section blade material material to as new charaterisitcs. This treatment combined with detailed inspection, traceability, coating removal and replacement works ensures that every repaired component meets or exceeds the original equipment performance and durability requirements in future service.

The prime objective being cost reduction and maintenance of quality, ensuring long service life between interventions and reduction in life cycle maintenance costs

Advanced Repairs are available for all gas turbine types — Aero-derivative, Light Industrial, Heavy Duty Frame, and for all engine models from mature technologies to latest and most advanced turbine machines.

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